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Borrelia Elispot LTT (previously named Lyme Elispot LTT)

The Lyme Elispot-LTT is designed to detect cellular activity in relation to Borrelia burgdorferi in chronic and acute cases of Lyme disease. Borrelia infection leads to a proliferation of T-lymphocytes. T-cellular immune response stops as soon as Lyme disease is no longer active.

Checking whether a Lyme disease therapy has been successful is almost impossible, as Borrellia antibodies can be found in blood years after infection. The Elispot-LTT test for Borrelia closes this diagnostic gap, as it detects actual cellular activity in relation to Borrelia burgdorferi in chronic and also acute cases of Lyme disease. The Elispot-LTT test can detect 1 reactive T-cell per 100,000 lymphocytes. This is 20–200 times more sensitive than an ELISA Borrelia test.

LTT tests:

The LTT test reflects the actual, current Borrelia burgdorferi activity of chronic and also acute Lyme infections. The Elispot-LTT is highly sensitive and can detect even one single Borrelia-reactive T-cell in the blood. The Elispot-LTT is very helpful when monitoring a chronic or acute Lyme therapy, and should usually become negative about 6 to 8 weeks after completion of an effective therapy.

The Elispot-LTT test can be used to control the success of Lyme infection therapy. In general, the Elispot-LTT will be negative approx. 6 to 8 weeks after the end of a successful therapy.

Advantages of the Elispot-LTT for Borrelia test include:

  • Increased stability - the use of cell stabilising CPDA-tubes means a stability of 3 days for the measured cells after taking the blood (cf. Heparin blood only 24 hours)
  • Better reliability – when compared to tests using T-cell proliferation (e.g. ITT®)


The Elispot-LTT Test provides fast and reliable information for clinicians treating Lyme disease, enabling them to more easily and effectively extend a therapy or switch to a new treatment option.




-       Diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease

-       Diagnosis of acute Lyme disease

-       Treatment duration indicator

-       Post treatment success control




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