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One of the first products of its kind in the world, DNA Diet tests for 15 genes that impact metabolism and exercise. The genes comprising the DNA Diet test have associations with body weight and body mass index,  and all meet stringent criteria for utility in genetic screening tests.  We provide a detailed report with recommendations that include dietary changes and an exercise programme.

Genes involved in regulation of energy expenditure, appetite, and fat metabolism, all play an important role in weight regulation. In fact 40% to 80% of the variance in body weight is due to genetic factors. This helps to explain why not everyone gains or loses weight while following the same diet, despite being exposed to similar environments. Identifying an individual’s responsiveness to diet and lifestyle modification to control weight can be extremely advantageous.

Genetics determines an individual’s susceptibility to obesity when exposed to an unfavourable environment. It also explores the way a person responds to diet and exercise.

While healthy nutrition may in certain cases result in weight loss, this depends on many factors. The DNA diet provides a tailor made nutrition and exercise programme. Healthy eating and exercise may result in weight loss, but this is not guaranteed.

Clinical Value

  • Provides strategies for weight management based on genetic make-up
  • Provides motivation to individuals with a goal to lose weight
  • Provides an understanding of why previous weight management programmes may have  been unsuccessful
  • Provides insight to which diet type (i.e. Mediterranean style, low carbohydrate, low fat diet) may be most suited to an individual to manage weight, based on genotype 

The DNA Diet Test Report provides:

  • The level of impact of any genetic variants identified 
  • An explanation of their impact on weight management
  • Appropriate nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.  This includes weight management priorities, diet plan principles, exercise planning and how to calculate MET hours